Maine Public Radio Weekend Adjustments

It seems nothing really stays the same, including the public radio voices and programs that many of us have been listening to, sometimes for decades:

  • Diane Rehm and Garrison Keillor have both retired
  • David Dye (of World Café) will retire soon
  • The producers of the Best of Car Talk announced they would cease production this coming September
  • Unfortunately, due to the illness of host Stuart McLean, the Vinyl Café is suspending production and distribution effective this month

This leaves our weekend with a few "vacancies".

We’ve also had some time since to hear from many of you and evaluate our new (since the May 2016 launch of Maine Public Classical) weekend schedule. We now have the opportunity to add a few requested programs we’ve not been able to include previously, and find perhaps a more convenient time for a couple others.

In doing so, we’ll also have to say goodbye not only to those programs being discontinued but also a couple of others to make room for the new additions.

These adjustments will take place the first weekend in February:

New to the schedule:

Programs leaving our schedule:

Programs with adjusted air times:

Please see the complete schedule here and below: