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Abukar grew up in Portland, Maine, and recently graduated from Colby College. He got his start in radio journalism as a 2016 Jim Dowe Public Media Intern at Maine Public, where he produced a series of stories about Muslims in Maine.

Abukar continued to freelance for Maine Public Radio throughout his senior year and eventually joined the team as a reporter. Before coming to Maine Public Radio, he was an editorial assistant for the Colby Magazine, a Huffington Post blogger, and the News Director of Colby's WMHB Radio Station.

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Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Thousands of people rallied across Maine Saturday as part of the nationwide Women’s March in protest of the Trump administration’s policies.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Saturday marks the one-year anniversary since President Donald Trump was officially sworn into office. Here in Maine, Trump carried Maine's 2nd Congressional District, where he beat Hillary Clinton by a solid 10 percentage points.  We wondered how voters there are feeling about him now, and what they want to see going forward.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Nearly 700 people gathered at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland Monday night to honor the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

The annual celebration, now in its 37th year, brought together civil rights and social justice groups, as well as local and state leaders.

Maine U.S. independent Sen. Angus King gave the opening remarks. King urged the audience to err on the side of action, sharing how he took the day off from work at the age of 19 to join the march in Washington.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Survivors of human trafficking and their support advocates are trying to shine a light on the problem.

At a State House press conference, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills said she’s concerned that online classified ad sites such as backpage.com are complicit, and should be held accountable.

“Entities such as backpage.com and other internet service providers are not fully immune from civil and criminal liability for facilitating the trafficking of young girls and boys,” she said.

In December 2017, ecomaine employees acted swiftly to extinguish a fire that rapidly expanded at its Recycling Facility.
Ecomaine / youtube.com

As Mainers start cleaning up all of the household waste generated during the holiday season, the state’s largest recycling facility is warning consumers about the dangers posed by lithium ion batteries, and offering tips for how to safely dispose of them.

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Portland Thursday night to honor the 37 homeless people who died this past year.

The observers of the annual vigil walked up the hill from the Preble Street Resource Center to Monument Square, where they read the names of the dead and lit candles.

Elizabeth Szatkowski, a clinical social worker in Portland, was part of the original homeless memorial vigil more than 20 years ago. She says she’s concerned by the upward trend in the numbers.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Maine faith leaders from several traditions occupied U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ Lewiston office Monday in an effort to urge Collins’ to reject the GOP tax cuts.

The occupation follows weeks of activists protesting Collins’ support of the bill.

Supporters of the tax cut proposal, possibly the largest tax overhaul in decades, say it would benefit everyone. But Rabbi Erica Asch says she’s concerned about what she calls the untruths that are being told about what’s in the plan.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Independent U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine joined local veterans and advocates in Auburn on Monday to discuss the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ recent announcement that it will fund three new positions in Maine.

The VA says the hires are part of an effort to confront veteran mental health, substance abuse and homelessness. King said he’s pleased with some of the progress that has been made in finding gaps in VA services.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Federal authorities have arrested a protester for trespassing in front of the U.S District Court in Portland. The arrest followed a 15-hour walking vigil around the courthouse that was intended to bring attention to the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.

Rob Levin knew what he was about to do would land him in jail. But that didn’t stop him from erecting a U.S. flag at half-staff on the premises of the federal courthouse while over a dozen supporters stood in solidarity with him.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

More than 100 protesters gathered in downtown Portland Wednesday to rally against U.S. Sen. Susan Collins’ decision to support the GOP tax bill.

Collins has said she would get behind the plan after a commitment from GOP leaders to shore up the Affordable Care Act and address other concerns. But rally organizer Rachel Weinstein says she worries those promises are too risky.

Linda Lajoie / The Silouette Project

Maine has one of the highest rates of veteran suicide in the nation, according to a recent Veterans Affairs study. Advocates say it’s time to confront the issue and shine a light on it.

The number of short-term rental units in Portland has soared over the past year, thanks to home-sharing services like Airbnb. But city planners are concerned that less than a quarter have so far been registered with the city.

Last year, the Housing Committee passed several regulations on short-term rentals, including a requirement to register with the city annually by Jan. 1.

Michael Russell, who heads Portland's Permitting and Inspections Department, says the penalty for failing to register by is $100 a day.

About half a dozen local residents gathered to protest at Sen. Susan Collins' Portland office Wednesday  after the Republican hinted at supporting the GOP tax bill.

Supporters say the bill will benefit everyone. But protesters, including Kathy Bouchard of Scarborough, worry that the majority of Mainers will suffer under the proposed tax cuts.

Bouchard, a Democrat, says she has voted for Collins in the past, and she now regrets that decision.   

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

A coalition of four privately owned bus companies is calling out the Portland Metro system for competing with private business.

The alliance is challenging a purported $4.5 million deal between Metro and the University of Southern Maine that would expand the public bus service to Gorham and offer students unlimited rides.

Jason Briggs, vice president of VIP Tour & Charter, says the contract should have sought bids.

Abukar Adan / Maine Public

Maine faith leaders and community members gathered in front of St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland Tuesday to call on U.S. Sen. Susan Collins to reject the GOP tax plan.

The rally comes as the Senate prepares to vote on the bill later this week.

Supporters of the tax cut proposal - possibly the largest tax overhaul in decades - say it would benefit everyone. But speakers at the rally, including Rev. Jim Gertmenian of the Preble St. Faith Action Network, said it's clear who the bill would help - and it isn't working families.