Robin Rilette

Music Director/Host of Morning Classical Music

Robin is a native Oregonian from the “other” Portland, living most recently in Washington State where she was the Music Director for 23 years with Northwest Public Radio. Since accepting the position of Music Director with Maine Public Radio, she’s enjoying exploring in and around Maine and New England.

Robin inherited her love of music from both sides of her family. Her mother was an accomplished pianist and singer and her paternal grandfather played the piano for silent films back in the 1920s in Portland, Oregon. Her love of radio began as a child. Her career in radio began in 1986 when she interned with OPB while pursuing a degree in Speech Communications with Portland State University. For many years Robin was an instructor for a PATH International center that provides horseback riding lessons for adults and children with challenges. She also enjoys working with dogs and is asked to help people with training and behavioral issues. Hiking, reading, biking, snorkeling, traveling and gardening are a few of her other interests.

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Ken-David Masur

Portland Symphony Orchestra music director finalist Ken-David Masur is not an unfamiliar name in New England. He’s the assistant conductor for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and in fact made his debut with the BSO in a program with his father, the legendary Kurt Masur. Like all conductors Masur travels the world working with different orchestras, yet when he enrolled at Columbia University as an undergraduate a career in music was the last thing on his mind.