Susan Sharon

Deputy News Director

Susan is the deputy news director who handles assignments and planning by the news staff. She’s also a general assignment reporter who began her career at Maine Public Radio working at the State House in 1992, and still loves the work, which takes her to the Maine State Prison for a story on solitary confinement one day and to the foothills of western Maine to look for wood thrush the next.

Susan is a graduate of the University of Montana, where she got her first job in public radio news while still a student. She has also worked at television stations in Montana and Maine. You can occasionally hear her stories on NPR.

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Susan Sharon / Maine Public/file

LEWISTON, Maine - Six months after the creation of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, a new nonprofit group has been formed to preserve and protect it. 

The Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters is a private group with a 13-member board of directors.  Secretary Cathy Johnson says the initial goal is to attract more members of the public to volunteer in the monument and work on educational programs about it.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

LEWISTON, Maine - Ben Chin, the political engagement director for the Maine People's Alliance, has become the first candidate to announce he's running for mayor of Lewiston this November.

Speaking to a crowd at Museum LA in Lewiston Thursday night, Chin said he won't be alone in the race.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public/file

Gov. Paul LePage is asking President Donald Trump to reverse the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument established by an executive order from President Barack Obama last year.

As President Donald Trump prepares to rewrite his controversial travel ban, a coalition of 500 business leaders and mayors is calling for meaningful immigration reform.

The group, New American Economy, has released an interactive map with state and congressional district-specific data about the economic contributions of immigrants. Supporters are hoping that it will bolster the argument for expanding immigrant worker visas.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

CAMDEN, Maine - Immigration will be a hot topic again this week as President Donald Trump prepares to issue his new executive order this week.

Poland Spring is looking to expand.

A continuing surge in the sale of bottled water has the company looking for two new sources of spring water and making plans for a fourth bottling facility somewhere in western Maine or northeast of Bangor.

Eighteen workers at Woodland Pulp Mill’s bleach plant in Baileyville were taken to Calais Regional Hospital Thursday morning after being exposed to chlorine oxide gas during a planned maintenance outage.

Chlorine oxide is a potent chemical used in water treatment and bleaching. Woodland Pulp spokesman Scott Beal says the chemical was accidentally released and quickly contained. Workers, he says, were taken to the hospital out of an abundance of caution and kept for observation.

Andrew Harnik / Associated Press

After careful consideration, Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says she will oppose the confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

A spokesman for the Maine Border Patrol says geography, along with several feet of snow, may be one reason that Maine is not seeing illegal border crossings the way other border states like North Dakota and Minnesota have.

In recent days stories about asylum seekers trying to flee the United States to get a chance at asylum in Canada have made headlines. Border patrol agents say the numbers have increased along parts of the international boundary in the wake of the president’s travel ban from seven Muslim-majority nations.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public/file

It has been almost a year since a state task force finalized recommendations to address Maine’s opioid crisis.

A two-year investigation of the Lewiston School Department by Disability Rights Maine, Pine Tree Legal Assistance and the ACLU of Maine has uncovered what the groups say are violations of federal civil rights and disabilities laws.

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The Maine medical examiner has determined that the death of a 17-year-old transgender resident at the Long Creek Youth Development Center in November was the result of suicide.

The attorney general says there's no basis for her office to investigate further, but the Department of Corrections is asking an outside expert to review Long Creek's suicide prevention policy.

Elizabeth Noble

A Superior Court judge has sided with a Maine State Prison inmate who claimed his due process rights were violated when he was put in solitary confinement for nearly two years.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

Maine Sen. Susan Collins' staff is hearing from another group of protesters, who converged outside her office in Portland Thursday morning chanting, "Block that pick!  Block that pick!  Block that pick!".

This time the several dozen protesters are urging her to reject the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Bob Klotz of South Portland is with 350 Maine, one of several groups represented at the rally.

Susan Sharon / Maine

An Iraqi-owned grocery store in Hallowell was the setting Tuesday morning for a demonstration of small-town Maine’s support for immigrants and refugees.