2 Pit Bulls Set To Be Euthanized Go Missing From Waterville Shelter

Oct 25, 2017

Waterville police are investigating the Tuesday afternoon disappearance of two pit bulls who were slated for court-ordered euthanasia.

Police say the dogs were being housed at an animal shelter in Waterville, where their owner was allowed to visit them.

“The owner of those pit bulls took them for a walk. Ten, 15 minutes later, she returned to the shelter and said they’d gotten away from her and run into the woods,” says Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey.

Massey won’t speculate on what may have happened, but as of Wednesday afternoon he says officers are still trying to locate the dogs’ owner, Danielle Jones.

“She’s the last one that had access and control of those dogs, and we have not received any reports since she reported them missing from anyone who has seen two pit bulls running around, so we need to talk to her,” he says.

Last summer, the two dogs in question attacked and killed a Boston terrier named Fergie Rose and wounded the terrier’s owner. An order to euthanize both pit bulls as dangerous animals was upheld in a Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruling on Tuesday.