'Are You There' Scam Makes the Rounds

Apr 2, 2017

BANGOR, Maine - Maine Sen. Susan Collins, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, is warning of a new kind of telephone scam that's increased in recent weeks.

In the scam, the caller asks a simple yes or no question such as “Are you there?” or “Can you hear me?” in hopes that the recipient on the other end will state “Yes.” The scammer will record the affirmative answer and then use it to authorize unwanted charges for variety of things.

Senator Collins says the scam often catches people by surprise. “This scam is particularly deceiving," says Collins, "As it can happen quite quickly and without any acknowledgement that the victim has been scammed."

According to Collins, the Senate Committee on Aging's Fraud Hotline has received an increasing number of reports from Mainers  receiving the fraudulent call. Anyone who has encountered the scam is encouraged to contact the hotline at 1-855-303-9470.