Collins Takes To Airwaves, Criticizes Trump On Health Care And Other Issues

Oct 16, 2017

Maine Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is taking to the airwaves to criticize President Trump on a variety of issues, from health care to presidential decorum.

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program Monday, Collins took issue with Trump's "Twitter war" with Sen. Bob Corker, saying it isn't "productive."

"But there's no doubt that this president's been extremely unconventional in his approach and that has caused more chaos than I think is good for our country and for our relationship with both our allies and our enemies," Collins said. "I would urge the president to remember that every single word that he says matters."

On Sunday, Collins took to the talk show circuit to criticize the president's move to end Obamacare's cost-sharing subsidies for the poor.

"What the president is doing is affecting the ability of vulnerable people to receive health care right now,"  Collins said on CNN's "State of the Union" program.

Collins also criticized cuts in advertising and payments to so-called "navigators," who help people arrange coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  

But, speaking Sunday night on MSNBC, Collins said she's optimistic Congress will vote on a proposal being crafted that would restore the cost-sharing subsidies and take additional steps.

"My belief is the president wants to sign a health care bill, and this is a good one," Collins said. "It reflects input from both sides of the aisle, and I'm hopeful that he will do so."

On another matter, Collins said on CNN that President Trump's decertification of the Iran nuclear deal did point out "real deficiencies" in the agreement.  She cited the lack of controls on Iran's ballistic missile program and the time limit of 10 years on the deal.

And on the ABC program "This Week" Collins responded to a comment from former Trump advisor Steve Bannon that he wants people to vote against any Republican who continues to support Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Collins said the last thing the U.S. needs is "hyperpartisanship.

"Obviously Mr. Bannon has the right to support whomever he wants to support," Collins said, "but I think his rhetoric is exactly what the American people are tired of."

Collins said she hopes President Trump will make progress on important issues when he meets with Sen. McConnell this week.