Commonwealth Club Of California

Wednesday, April 11 at 2:00 pm

Dooley and Pelosi: Bridging Trump’s Divide

Debbie Dooley helped organize the Tea Party’s first national demonstration in 2009 and until recently was on the board of the Tea Party Patriots. She enthusiastically supports Donald Trump, defends Roy Moore and despises the “Bush cabal.” But her views transcend typical partisan boundaries. She loathes the Koch brothers, thinks solar power is great and says oil companies are just as deceitful as tobacco corporations. A daughter of a preacher, she also believes in a moral responsibility to care for the environment God created.

Christine Pelosi carries a name that is revered on the Left and vilified on the Right. A member of the Democratic National Committee, she is a superdelegate who believes the number and power of superdelegates should be reduced. She opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and advocates for big federal investment to modernize the country’s electric grid and other infrastructure. Her mother, Nancy Pelosi, is the House Democratic leader and a pillar of the Democratic establishment.

One area where Trump’s agenda seems to have achieved the most traction is in reviving fossil fuels and rolling back action on climate change. They will have a conversation about the politics of energy one year after Trump’s inauguration.

Debbie Dooley
President, Conservatives for Energy Freedom; Co-Founder, Tea Party Movement

Christine Pelosi
Vice Chair, Democratic National Committee; Political Strategist

Greg Dalton
Founder and Host, Climate One

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