Complaints About FairPoint Service Mount in Maine Amid Strike, Storms

Feb 3, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine Public Advocate Tim Schneider says one person in his office is working nearly full-time on complaints about FairPoint Communication's service.

Schneider says the ongoing strike, and the snow storms this winter, have caused a dramatic increase in complaints.

"It's a really frustrating position to be in here," he says. "We have very few tools at our disposal to try and force the company to provide safe, reliable service. We have had customers who have been out, without service, for months at a time."

Schneider says it's clear the company is not meeting its service requirements as set out by the Public Utilities Commission. He says while the PUC can fine the company for not meeting standards, he's not sure that would be effective given the losses the company is already experiencing as a result of the ongoing strike.