Dunlap Sues After DOJ Blocks Access To Voter Fraud Commission Documents

Jan 10, 2018

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is suing the Trump administration for documents compiled from the president's now defunct voter fraud commission.

The Department of Justice is attempting to block Dunlap's receipt of working papers from the voter fraud commission, of which Dunlap was a member.

A federal judge already said Dunlap is entitled to the documents, but the Justice Department says that because the commission is dissolved - and Dunlap is no longer a member - the documents should remained sealed.

American Oversight, a D.C. watchdog group representing Dunlap, filed a temporary restraining order against the administration on Tuesday, arguing that the documents should be released.

If granted, the order would also block the transfer of the documents to the Department of Homeland Security, which Dunlap has warned could be used to nationalize restrictions on voter registration or create a national policy for voter ID.