Former Legislator Running for Governor on Labor and Economic Justice Platform

Jan 27, 2018

BANGOR, Maine - A former Bangor mayor and multi-term legislator is one of 13 candidates to seek the Democratic nomination for Governor of Maine.

"We are at a time of crisis internally in this country. We had a governor who was Trump-before-Trump, and I think we need to set a different direction." Speaking before his official launch event Saturday, Sean Faircloth, 57,  says he's hoping to advance what he describes as the "true progressive ideals" of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Foremost among these ideals, he says, is economic justice.

"Maine people need a raise- that's one critical component. I think that the work of Maine people is often not valued." says Faircloth. Faircloth believes that politicians on both sides of the aisle focus almost exclusively on issues surrounding select industries- such as coal mining or Silicon Valley- without much thought for the myriad service industry jobs upon which most Mainers rely. 

"I think we need to respect people who are Certified Nurses' Assistants,  people who work retail, people who are mental health workers. The vast majority of Americans work in jobs where they help and serve others, and I think the political class doesn't do enough to respect that."

Among intentions, Faircloth says he would create a higher minimum wage, institute programs to make energy efficiency upgrades affordable for working people, and promote infrastructure improvements, including internet access in the state.

So far, 13 Democrats, five Republicans, five unenrolled, and two Green Independents have expressed an intention to run for the seat currently held by Republican Paul LePage, who is temporarily prohibited from running, after serving two terms as governor. Two Libertarian candidates have withdrawn.

Faircloth is running as a clean elections candidate.

Like other party candidates, Faircloth must first gather at least 2000 valid signatures by the March 15 deadline in order to appear on the June 12 primary ballot.