High School Bumps Eased by Family Support

Apr 29, 2017

Transitioning into high school was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do, both academically and socially. Throughout middle school, I maintained high honors. School was never hard for me and I never had to work too hard to get the grade I wanted. I was lucky that way. Coming into high school, I knew the classes would be harder than I was used to, though high school was much different than what I anticipated it would be.

I have always been interested in extracurricular activities. At the start of school, I was already playing soccer. As always, I was able to maintain at least a B in each class pretty easily. Time management, however, was not a skill of mine. When I signed up for the school play, my grades paid the price. All of the sudden, I was out straight until eight thirty every night of the week. Right after school, I went to soccer practice. I only had a half an hour of free time between soccer practice and play rehearsal. My math grade plummeted and it took me until just a few weeks ago to pull it back up to an A, and math used to be my best subject.

Grades weren't the only problem at that time. All of my friends were changing and growing up. They were fighting with each other because of it. Some were influenced by the older kids and started to make bad choices, ones that I didn't agree with. Others just simply kept to themselves and no longer seemed to want my company. My large span of friends turned into just three or four that I actually had a desire to talk to anymore.

With the help of my parents and older sister, who is a senior this year, I finally was able to ground myself. They helped me learn how to manage my time as well as help with any homework I had trouble on. My father and I would spend over an hour on the phone while he helped me with my geometry. My sister, who will always be my best friend, helped me with my friends. She would give me advice on what to say or how to handle certain situations with my friends. She also would sit with me or hang out with me even if her friends were with her too.

At the end of the quarter I had two B's while the rest were A's. I was proud of myself for doing well, but at the same time, I was disappointed to end my high honors streak I had worked so hard to maintain.

I like to think my worth ethic has improved and is continuing to do so. To be successful in high school, I needed to mature and take school seriously. There are going to be more bumps in the road. Even though the first bump shook me up, I worked through it. Now, I just have to pay attention to avoid hitting others.

Krista Butler is a student at Oceanside High School.