High School Quiz Show Competition Rules

The Game

This new Maine Public Television scholastic game show is a televised academic quiz tournament set up in a single-elimination knockout format. The winner of each match moves on to the next round of competition while the losing team is eliminated from further competition for that season. The season is comprised of four quarter-final games, two semi-finals and the championship. (The two teams that make it to the championship will have played 3 games each.) The winning team will receive a $1000 check and the second place team will receive a $500 check to go towards the school’s "Project Graduation" or other appropriate use as determined by the winning school’s administration.

Application and Selection for Competition

Any Maine secondary school, Public or private, serving grades 9-12 is eligible to participate. Home schooling groups may also apply (these students must be at a level equivalent to grades 9-12). Schools or home school groups may combine with other schools or home school groups to enter as a regional team if neither can field an entire team from within their school or group. Schools or groups need to have the permission of the appropriate administrator to enter this contest. An authorized person shall contact Maine Public by October 20, 2017 to enter.

Contact David Boardman for details.

Interested schools will form a team of six members — four players and two alternates — to take a qualifying test in the fall. This written test will be sent to interested schools in November. The eight teams scoring the highest on the test move on to the televised games to be recorded in January and February of 2018. The two teams in the ninth and tenth places will become alternates in the event a higher scoring school cannot participate. All participating schools will be notified by November 30 of their results. Qualifying teams will then receive more detailed information regarding scheduling, game play, etc.

Team Formation

Each school selected to compete must appoint a coach or coaches who will serve as the school’s liaison with Maine Public. All specific information regarding taping dates, show format, scoring procedures, etc. will be handled by the coach and Maine Public.

Additionally, each competing school is responsible for selection of team members. Each team must consist of FOUR regular playing members, one of which shall serve as team captain. At least one regular playing team member must be a Maine resident. Each team must also retain TWO alternates. These alternates, at the discretion of the coach and with advance notice to Maine Public, may be rotated into playing status for a regular team member who is absent on the day of a show taping, or for strategic reasons in rounds other than the first. Family members of Maine Public employees may not participate on a team.

The coach is tasked with the responsibility of preparing their team for competition on the program. Each school/team must decide for themselves the best way to prepare their students. General guidelines on the type of material typically encountered will be provided by Maine Public along with suggestions on where practice material may be obtained. The specifics of how teams train are left to the individual schools and coaches. No one school will receive information from Maine Public that may put them at an advantage over another school. Any information offered by Maine Public in regards to team preparation will be shared equally with all competing schools.

Maine Public may request that schools also bring their "mascot" for possible appearance on the program.

Game Play

The broadcast games will have a general question and answer format over the course of several rounds. While rounds may differ on specifics, they will usually consist of answering questions put forth by the host. For an idea of how the game will play out, check out the WGBH High School Quiz Show:


Teams appearing on the broadcast will be given more details about actual game play two months prior to the first recording date.

In all cases the decisions made by the judges in the course of game play are final. No exceptions can be made.

Recording Schedule

All matches, including the final championship, are be taped on weekends. Teams selected to compete must participate on the date and at the time assigned by Maine Public. There can be no exceptions. A taping schedule will be determined and distributed following the selection of the teams.

The 2017 taping schedule is:

Saturday March 18, 2017
Sunday March 19, 2017 (snow day)
Saturday March 25, 2017
Sunday March 26, 2017 (snow day)
Saturday April 8, 2017
Sunday April 9, 2017 (snow day)

The 2018 season is tentatively set to tape on:

January 13, 20, 27 and Feb 3 and 10. (Dates subject to change)

Tapings times are to be determined but teams can expect to arrive at the Maine Public Television studios at 1450 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Maine as early as 9:00 am. Teams that win their quarter final in the morning will return in the afternoon to record the semi-final episode.

Teams will be given time to go eat lunch between the morning and afternoon taping sessions. Lunch is at the expense and effort of the teams.

The two teams that win their semi-final appearances will return on Saturday April 8, 2017 to record their championship episode.

Team members and coaches need to be aware that they may be required to appear on either Saturdays or Sundays. Maine Public cannot alter the recording dates or times beyond the scheduled snow days.

Maine Public reserves the right to assign the date and time of each group’s appearance. Notice will be provided soon after the qualifying schools/groups are notified in late November.

School Participation

Participation in this contest shall be considered a school function, with the competing schools or groups taking full responsibility for the students’ transportation to and from the Maine Public Television studios, and agreeing to accept full liability for the students’ conduct and safety. Teams not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner may be disqualified from further competition regardless of the outcome of their game.

Maine Public will provide each participating team a small stipend used to offset travel costs for each day travel is required to the Lewiston studio. Maine Public reserves the right to adjust the amount of the stipend depending on each school’s/team’s location.

Dress code should be no less strict then each participating school’s rules. Uniforms, clothing with school or team logo are encouraged but not required. Clothing that prominently features a non-school/team logo, business name, music/band names, words/phrases, or any other distracting, promotional or commercial interest will not be allowed on any team member or coach. Bright white shirts are discouraged for technical reasons but will be allowed if that is the only choice of dress.

Schools/teams will notify Maine Public if any team member requires special accommodation to physically be on the set so that Maine Public may be able to properly adapt to such needs.

Teams are welcome to bring supporters to the taping. Due to limited seating in the studio, some guests may have to watch from another location within the studio facility.

By entering the studio facility, individuals (both participants and guests) thereby agree to grant Maine Public all rights to use their likeness, name, voice, etc. on, but not limited to, television, radio, online, in print and any other medium that MPBN may use either now or in the future. Furthermore, Maine Public retains all rights in perpetuity. This includes delivery for all known and future methods of transmission, broadcast or digital delivery and without geographical limits.

Right to Amend Rules

Maine Public, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to add to, amend, or eliminate any or all of the above rules without prior notice. In the event that such changes are made this page will be updated to reflect those changes and team coaches will be contacted and directed to review the updated rules.

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