House Republican Leader Ken Fredette Enters Race For Governor

Sep 7, 2017

Maine House Republican Leader Ken Fredette has joined the growing field of candidates for governor — his campaign slogan is “stay the course.”

"What that means is continuing to hold the line on spending, continuing to drive down our income tax rate, looking at strategic investments in the state that will move the state forward," he says.

Fredette says he wants to build on the successes of Gov. Paul LePage and give voice to rural Maine.

“It’s differentiating myself in terms of my leadership, what I have done in the caucus," he says. "But also my background, that means my military background but also being a candidate from rural Maine."

Fredette says he has not decided yet whether he will run as a traditional candidate or seek public campaign financing. He says he plans to stay in the race through the primary even if U.S. Sen. Susan Collins decides to run.

This story was originally published Sept. 6, 2017 at 3:19 p.m. ET.