I LOVE Maine Public!

Are you ready to be a voice for public broadcasting in Maine?

We hope so! Our I LOVE Maine Public project was created, in part, to raise awareness of what Maine Public means to Maine and its citizens. You can be a BIG part of this initiative and help Maine Public. And all it takes is a minute of your time.

It’s simple; just think about what it is that you appreciate about Maine Public and jot it down. What does our station do specifically for you in your community? Consider what you love about Maine Public and how it affects your life and the lives of those around you.

So how can you actually tell us?

BUT THERE’S MORE! You can also send us a selfie of you holding one of our custom I LOVE Maine Public signs! The signs can be downloaded HERE — or picked up at any of our three studios!

We believe that public broadcasting is important to you and we want to show everyone how valued we are in our state and in our communities. So please, participate and help us spread the word!

Testimonial Galleries:

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