Jackman Selectmen To Meet With Town Manager Over White Separatist Postings

Jan 22, 2018

Jackman selectmen have scheduled a  Tuesday morning meeting with town manager Tom Kawcynski, following revelations last week that Kawcynski is promoting and recruiting members for a white separatist organization and community. 


Kawcynski says his beliefs, which he does not consider racist, do not interfere with his job.  He's held the post for the past seven months and serves at the pleasure of the board of selectmen. 


Contacted Friday, two members of the board said they were unaware of Kawcynski's social media posts, in which he regularly attacks Islam, immigrants and other countries, and has criticized the majority of feminists as being "unattractive." 


Over the weekend, dozens of Facebook users called on Kawcynski to be fired or to "voluntarily separate" himself from the town.  Kawczynski told the Portland Press Herald he would not resign. 


Town Attorney Warren Shay says the purpose of the Tuesday meeting is to hear from Kawcynski directly and consider possible next steps.   


Meanwhile, the Jackman-Moose River Chamber of Commerce issued a statement saying the Jackman community does not share Kawczynski's views and calling on selectmen to "do what is needed."