Law Enforcement Agencies Split Over $1 Million From One Of Maine’s Largest Pot Busts

Mar 16, 2017

More than $1 million in forfeited drug money was divided Thursday among several Maine law enforcement agencies that participated in one of the state’s largest marijuana growing busts.

Acting U.S. Attorney Richard Murphy says some officers placed their personal safety at risk when they closed in on the illegal growing operation in 2009 in Township 37, near Horse Lake in Washington County. He says the federal government seized more than $1.5 million in net equity from the property the illegal growers owned in the township, as well as a warehouse in Township 31 and a hunting camp in LaGrange.

“The funds shared today were from the forfeiture of that $1.55 million dollars,” Murphy says. “Today we recognize our Maine law enforcement partners whose contributions led to this successful prosecution.”

The money will be divided among the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Maine State Police, the Maine Warden Service, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department and four police departments.