LePage Claims Maine Companies Blocked From State Contract

May 9, 2017

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's Republican governor says he's looking into whether the awarding of a state contract was "underhanded.''
Gov. Paul LePage during a Tuesday radio call-in said he was led to believe a Dallas-based firm recently selected as Maine's bonding agent helped write the state's bidding solicitation.
But LePage stressed that was conjecture. He added it'd be a "white collar crime'' if the contract purposely blocked Maine companies.
Independent State Treasurer Terry Hayes told The Associated Press her office wrote the bidding solicitation. She said past treasurers also required bond counsel to have references from three state treasurers.
LePage wants her to resubmit the bidding proposals before he issues bonds. Hayes says she won't.
Contractors say the spat is jeopardizing $100 million in voter-approved transportation bonds that leveraged $500 million more funds.