LePage Skips Governors Meetings

Jul 10, 2014

Most of the nation’s governors are gathering in Nashville, Tennessee for the summer meeting of the National Governors Association, and New England Governors are meeting in New Hampshire this weekend.

Economic development, workforce training and health care are among the topics of discussion at the National Governors meeting. But Maine Gov. Paul LePage says it’s a waste of time - all talk and nothing gets accomplished.

“Republican governors sitting on one side of the table, the other governors - the Democratic governors - on the other side of the table, and we say niceties to each other and nothing happens," LePage says. "We don’t make policy."

LePage says the meetings are useful to staff that work on policies. At the meeting of the New England governors and eastern Canadian premiers in New Hampshire on Sunday and Monday, the topics include regional energy policy and developing ways to combat the increasing problems of drug abuse.

In an interview with MPBN news, LePage said he was not aware of the meeting.  “They don’t want to see me," he said. "I’m the only red governor there…I didn’t even know there was a meeting until right now.”

LePage said he is running for re-election, and planned campaign activities are more important than attending either of the meetings with fellow governors.

“Had I known, I still would be going out campaigning," he said. "There is a Moxie parade, and I have not missed one yet and I don’t intend to.”

LePage has attended winter meetings of the NGA but has criticized the summer meetings in the past as a waste of time. He also has attended some of the meetings of New England governors and eastern Canadian premiers, including last year’s meeting in La Malbaie, Quebec.