LePage Vows to Fight Efforts to Curb Bond Sign-Off Authority

Dec 18, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. Paul LePage says he will fight efforts in the Legislature to curb his authority to sign off on the issuance of bonds under the Land For Maine's Future program.

"Now they are trying to take my powers away," LePage says. "They can't do it so now we are going to have another constitutional battle. And that one is going to last a long time because I am not going to ask the questions of the Supreme Court anymore. We are going to go through the litigation process so I can get all of these Land for Maine's Future people wasting their money."

The governor told those attending one of his town hall meetings in Waterville that he hates the LMF program, and just because he signed off on $5 million in bonds for the program earlier this week does not mean he has changed his mind.

He says the battle over the program will continue in the Legislature next year.