Lewiston Dentist Suspended After Alleged Health, Safety Violations

Feb 21, 2017

The Maine Board of Dental Practice has temporarily suspended the license of Lewiston dentist Dr. Jan Kippax after it says he put the health and safety of his patients and staff in immediate jeopardy.

In nearly two dozen preliminary findings, the board says Kippax allegedly conducted procedures before anesthesia took effect, inappropriately restrained patients during dental procedures, extracted the wrong teeth, used expired medication and didn’t change contaminated gloves, among others.

Kippax is not allowed to practice any aspect of dentistry for 30 days, after the board alleges he demonstrated a lack of skill and commitment to safety.

The board previously disciplined Kippax in 2002 and 2003. The current suspension is for 30 days, and the board will hold a public adjudicatory hearing prior to the suspension end date on March 17, at which Dr. Kippax can contest the findings.