Live & Work in Maine

Apr 13, 2017

With Maine’s unemployment rate falling – it’s now 3.2% - Maine companies are having a hard time finding qualified employees.  There’s now a concerted effort to recruit more young people to move to Maine and build their careers and lives here.  Last month, some companies event took to the road, taking a bus to Boston to recruit potential employees! 

Guests: Ed McKersie - Founder and President of Pro Search, Inc., Founder and President of LiveandWorkinMaine LLC, a state wide initiative launched in November 2015 to increase awareness of career opportunities here in Maine.

Nate Wildes is the "Engagement Director" for LWM and is a young entrepreneur who did exactly what we are talking about, he moved away and came back and now has a great career here and wants to stay.

Kristen Wells, Executive Director, Aroostook Aspirations Initiatives.