L.L. Bean's Sales Level in 2016 as Company Weathers Boycott

Mar 17, 2017

FREEPORT, Maine - Clothing and outdoors gear retailer L.L. Bean says its annual net sales in fiscal 2016 were about level with the previous year at $1.6 billion.
The company says the L.L. Bean family and board of directors approved a 3 percent cash performance bonus to its approximately 6,000 workers.
 A company spokeswoman says L.L. Bean's performance was about in line with the retail industry at large. 
The year marked continued growth in sales of the company's iconic boot - but also controversy surrounding an L.L. Bean board member's political contributions.
 The Federal Election Commission questioned whether a $60,000 donation by Linda Bean, L.L. Beans great-granddaughter, to a political action committee supporting Republican President Donald Trump exceeded limits.
An ensuing call for a boycott amounted to unwanted attention for the 105-year company.