Maine AT&T Workers Joining Nationwide Strike

May 19, 2017

AT&T Wireless workers in Maine are joining a nationwide strike by the Communications Workers of America against the company in an attempt to win better terms in stalled contract negotiations.

Dara Kheang says that since he started as a sales associate at AT&T’s Portland store 9 years ago, his effective pay has dropped by more than $5,000.

“They’re trying to close up corporate stores to open up authorized retailer stores. They’re outsourcing call centers, shipping them overseas, paying $2 or $3 an hour. We’ve seen decrease on commission, we’ve seen decrease on pay but our health care goes up. How are we able to afford that?” he says.

Union officials say there are 50-60 CWA members at AT&T stores in Maine. They plan to continue the strike through Monday. Tens of thousands are expected to strike across the nation.

AT&T officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment but earlier this week said the company offers generous wage and pension benefits.