Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Calls For ‘Honest Conversation’ Around Gun Laws

Oct 4, 2017

Two days after the largest mass shooting in modern American history, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Betsy Sweet challenged Maine candidates and elected officials to refuse gun lobby money as an option for funding their campaigns.

“Today I am calling on all Maine candidates and elected officials to join me in refusing to take one penny of gun money from the gun lobby, so that we can have a real conversation on gun violence,” she said.

Speaking in Bangor, Sweet said commonsense gun laws need to be enacted at both at the state and federal levels.

“Gun ownership is a strong part of our Maine heritage and tradition, but increasingly it is also part of violence in our homes and on our streets,” she said. “We must have an honest conversation around responsible gun use and ownership now. But we can’t even start the conversation. Why? One reason and one reason only — money.”

Sweet said, as governor, she would bring together hunters, law enforcement officials, domestic violence advocates and others to determine how gun violence can be reduced without infringing on Second Amendment rights.

Sweet is one of eight announced candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.