Maine Public Travel

Welcome to Maine Public Travel! Maine Public Travel specializes in small group, enriching cultural travel to classic and unique destinations. Maine Public partners with Cultural Crossroads, to provide a one-of-a-kind itinerary tailored for public broadcasting enthusiasts for the ultimate travel experience. We connect travelers to people and places, visiting with locals, we delve into customs through traditions including dance, art, music, food and journalism and broadcasting when appropriate and possible.

Our philosophy is to create trips that let you explore beneath the surface of a country to discover the real people, places and cultures. Like any story you hear from NPR or on Maine Public Radio, we deep dive into each region we visit with seminars with leading educators and regional experts while taking in as many of an area’s historical and cultural landmarks as possible.

Credit Mark Vogelzang / Maine Public

In June of 2018 Maine Public Travel is going to Iceland. Click HERE for details of the trip and images of Iceland taken by Maine Public's CEO Mark Vogelzang during a recent trip to the country. Mark is planning on joining the Iceland trip and is excited to share his experiences in and knowledge of this Nordic Island.


Our inaugural trip took us to Cuba in 2017.

Credit Mark Vogelzang / Maine Public

We hope you'll join us on future Maine Public Travel tours.