Maine's U.S. Reps Reject Bill that Would Pre-empt States' GMO Labeling Laws

Jul 23, 2015

WASHINGTON - Maine is one of the states that have laws requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods that would be pre-empted under a bill passed Wednesday by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Both of Maine's congressional representatives, from opposite parties, rejected the legislation.

"Not only does this bill make it very unlikely that we would ever see labeling of GMO products on a national basis," says 1st District Democrat Chellie Pingree, "it goes after those laws that have already been passed at the state level, like my state of Maine."

Second District Congressman Bruce Poliquin, a Republican, also opposed the legislation, saying he supports efforts in the state to require food labeling.

The bill has yet to be considered by the U.S. Senate.