Moose Healthy in Maine Despite Struggles in Recent Years

May 16, 2017

PORTLAND, Maine - It was a good winter to be a moose in Maine.

Despite struggles in recent years, Maine's state animal had a high survival rate over the winter. State moose biologist Lee Kantar says state data show about half of moose calves studied in western Maine have survived this year.

That's much better than last year. Moose calves studied in northern Maine also did well, and survival rates were improved for adult moose.

Moose populations have fallen in the northern New England states in recent years. The animals have struggled with parasites such as winter ticks. However, there were positive signs this year.

Vermont saw five of 30 collared moose calves die this winter. In New Hampshire, only one collared calf died - down from nearly 75 percent this previous year.