New Weekend Sounds on Maine Public Radio!

We’re making a few adjustments on both Saturday and Sunday to continue to provide you with the very best that public radio has to offer on our Maine Public Radio channel! Hidden Brain, Planet Money, How I Built This and Here’s the Thing are all part of our new weekend schedule!


On Saturday mornings at 11 am, starting October 7, Freakonomics will be taking a break (please note it is always available for on-demand or podcast listening, HERE). In it’s place, right after Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, we’re able to bring you a promising new NPR offering: Planet Money and How I Built This.

For the first part of the 11 am hour, Planet Money brings us a fast paced, often fun look at aspects of that important topic that affects our lives known as the economy. Each week, Planet Money takes the question at hand and breaks it down with unique insight to help us all better understand.

Filling out the 11 am hour on Saturday morning is How I Built This, hosted by TED Radio Hour host Guy Raz. The program features enlightening conversations with innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists; all exploring the stories behind the movements they built. The founders of some of the world’s best known companies and brands share their triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight.


Starting on Sunday afternoon, October 8, The Moth Radio Hour will move one hour later into the Sunday Best of Car Talk slot at 2 pm. Sara Wills and In Tune Sunday will also now be heard an hour later as Sara provides her usual terrific mix of great music between noon to 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.

At 11 on Sunday mornings, we’ll be joining other stations around the country premiering the new Hidden Brain program with Shankar Vedantam. You’ve heard his conversations on Morning Edition, and perhaps also the Hidden Brain podcast. “Helping curious people understand that world — and themselves” is what Shankar does, and now he’ll have plenty of time to enlighten us Sunday mornings at 11, just after Sunday’s Weekend Edition.

Also on Sunday we’ll have the pleasure, although for just ten weeks, of Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin. Here’s the Thing offers intimate and honest conversations as Alec talks with artists, policy makers and performers. We hear their stories, what inspires their creations, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work. Here’s the Thing will replace Fresh Air Weekend at 7 pm on Sunday for the 10 week period.

There you have it; again these adjustments start the weekend of October 7-8; We’re excited about the new programs available and that we’re able to bring them to you on the new Maine Public Radio! Our goal is always to provide YOU with a valued and relevant radio service — the best possible service public radio can provide!

PLANET MONEY — Saturday 11 am

HOW I BUILT THIS — Saturday 11 am

HIDDEN BRAIN — Sunday 11 am

HERE’S THE THING — Sunday 7 pm

FREAKONOMICS — available on-demand