News from Out of this World

Apr 18, 2017

Learn about the latest news from outside Earth’s orbit. We'll discuss NASA's Casini space probe and its discoveries around Saturn; prospects of lunar space tourism, and, the latest on the search for Planet X.

Guests:  Neil F. Comins is professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Maine. His books include “Discovering the Universe,” 10th edition (2014), “What If the Earth Had Two Moons?” (2010), “Heavenly Errors: Misconceptions About the Real Nature of the Universe” (Columbia, 2003), and “What If the Moon Didn't Exist?” (1993).  His new book is "The Traveler's Guide to Space: For One-Way Settlers and Round-Trip Tourists."

Edward Gleason, University of Southern Maine Planetarium Manager/Astronomer.