People’s Veto Petitions Issued To Ranked-Choice Voting Supporters

Nov 6, 2017

State election officials are issuing signature petitions Monday to supporters of ranked-choice voting in Maine. They are mounting a people’s veto campaign to try and block part of a new law passed by the Maine Legislature that would delay the start of ranked-choice voting in elections for any state and federal offices until 2022.

The measure would also require that the state constitution be amended before then so the new system could apply to all elections.

Last year, Mainers approved ranked-choice voting, which is designed to ensure winners receive majority support. But Maine’s highest court issued an advisory opinion indicating the system runs afoul of the Maine Constitution for some elections.

The people’s veto effort will require the submission of just over 61,000 valid signatures no later than the 90th day after the Legislature adjourns.