Portland, South Portland OK Plans to Build Solar Farms

Feb 23, 2017

PORTLAND, Maine - Portland and South Portland are partnering to build the state's two largest municipal solar farms on closed landfills.
The Portland Press Herald reports the cities approved the plans on Wednesday night.
Portland officials signed a contract with renewable energy company ReVision Energy. South Portland officials authorized separate power-purchase and licensing deals with the company.
ReVision will install more than 2,800 solar panels on a 44-acre landfill in Portland and just under 3,000 panels on a capped, 34-acre landfill in South Portland.
The arrays are expected to be installed this spring. They would provide 12 percent of the electricity used by South Portland's school and municipal buildings and 3 percent of Portland's.
ReVision projected each city would make money after a decade and could make $3 million over 40 years.