Portland Weighs Two Pesticide Restriction Measures

Jun 19, 2017

The city of Portland is proposing to restrict the use of pesticides. On Wednesday the City Council’s Sustainability and Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing exploring two possible avenues. The panel will look at South Portland’s recently implemented Pesticide Ordinance which phases in prohibitions on most synthetic pesticides while allowing most organic substances.

Also being considered in Portland is an ordinance drafted by a task force appointed by Mayor Ethan Strimling that prohibit the use of all pesticides, organic or synthetic. Both the South Portland ordinance and the task force plan allow for waivers.

Portland City Councilor Spencer Thibodeau chairs the Sustainability Committee.

“The task force recommendation bans pesticide use with the exception of specific areas, but allows the applicator and the owner to make a decision as to whether they first try organic or go directly to synthetic,” says Thibodeau.

The use of synthetic pest control under this measure would require a waiver.

Thibodeau says whatever ordinance that’s put in place should be strong, but also reasonable and enforceable.