Power Crews Preparing for April Fool’s Day Snowstorm

Mar 31, 2017

Power crews are poised to respond to an April Fool’s Day storm that’s expected to dump some potentially problematic snow across Maine this weekend.

“So we’re watching it pretty closely,” says Central Maine Power spokeswoman Gail Rice. “We’re not seeing a whole lot of wind with this.”

While that’s good news, Rice says the storm does seem to feature heavy, wet snow.

“We are seeing some forecasts for more sticky snow, in some parts of our service area, particularly down in York and Cumberland Counties,” she says.

Wet, sticky snow, she says, increases the likelihood that people in those areas will lose power thanks to downed power lines as tree limbs fall, and she says there’s an increased chance of cars crashing into poles.

The National Weather Service has put a winter storm warning into effect for far southern Maine starting Friday night. All other areas of the state are also under various winter weather watches and advisories as the storm system moves in from the south.