Remaining Complaints Prompt Maine Board To Put Dentist's License Renewal On Hold

Jan 19, 2018

The Maine Board of Dental Practice voted Friday to table a request to renew the license of a Lewiston dentist who, last year, faced nearly 200 complaints from 18 patients. 

The board temporarily suspended Dr. Jan Kippax's license last February.  After several hearings last fall that focused on a portion of the complaints, the board ultimately found in Kippax's favor.  

But more than 100 complaints remain, and that was the basis for the board to vote to list Kippax's license as pending. 

Kippax's attorney James Belleau says that means his client can continue to practice for now. "We're pleased about that because our position has been that there's never been any basis to take any action against his license."

A hearing date to consider the remaining complaints has not been set.  Patients have accused Kippax of allegedly pulling the wrong teeth, improperly restraining patients, and continuing with painful procedures despite being asked to stop.