Report: Prisoner Transport Company Denies Neglecting Lewiston Inmate

Apr 18, 2017

A private prisoner transport company is denying that it mistreated a Maine inmate last year.

Tennessee-based Prisoner Transport Services told the Lewiston Sun Journal that its own internal affairs investigator found no evidence that 34-year-old Meghan Quinn of Lewiston was neglected during a five-day trip from Florida to Maine.

The Lewiston Sun Journal reports that Prisoner Transport Services recently sent a letter to the Androscoggin County Jail, where Quinn is serving an 8-month sentence for forgery, denying allegations that it violated policies or procedures while transporting Quinn.

Last month the paper published Quinn’s account of being locked in a cage during a van transport from Florida to Maine. Quinn said that, among other things, she was forced to relieve herself in front of male inmates and to wear soiled clothing after drivers refused to stop to let her use a bathroom.

According to the Sun Journal, after viewing the letter from Prisoner Transport Services, the Androscoggin County District Attorney’s office will not contract with the company until it’s certain that the allegations Quinn made did not occur.

Several other Maine counties have said they will not use the company or are considering other options.