Sneaky Maine Goats Back Alongside I-95

Jul 24, 2014

SIDNEY, Maine (AP) _ The troublesome goats that keep escaping onto the shoulder of I-95 in Sidney are going to cost their owner.

The goats once again found their way to freedom after state work crews fixed a fence. And an animal control officer told the Kennebec Journal that owner Mark Gould will be issued a summons.

The goats escaped onto the highway shoulder on Sunday and Monday. Gould protested that the state should fix the fence.

But the goats were back on the lam Wednesday evening, a day after the fence was repaired.

State law says domestic animals cannot trespass on government-owned property and the animal's owner could be subject to a fine. Gould was summoned for animal trespassing charges in 2011 after some of his cows grazed along the highway.