Coming soon to a campus near you!

From December 2016 through April 2017, Maine Public will bring its new SPEAK to ME project to college campuses, vocational schools, and high schools across Maine. SPEAK to ME centers around asking students thought-provoking questions about education, race, politics, and other important issues of our time and share their answers with the greater Maine Public audience.

Special thanks goes to the two sponsors of this initiative, the University of New England and Maine’s Credit Unions, who understand the value and importance of education for Maine’s youth.

A student models a Speak to ME t-shirt

Participating students will enter an otherwise empty auditorium with a question to answer and a 5 minute time limit. Our automated recording equipment will capture responses while giving students the quiet space to be honest and thoughtful. Content gathered through SPEAK to ME will be reviewed and curated by Maine Public's Maine Education Project team for use on social media and in podcast form.

SPEAK to ME Potential Prompts:

Speak to ME event at Presque Isle High School on December 10, 2016

Completed stops:

Currently planning stops at:

Interested in having your school participate? Shoot us a note to speaktome@mainepblic.org to get things started!