State Treasurer Becomes Maine’s First Declared Candidate for Governor

Apr 14, 2017

State Treasurer Terry Hayes has filed papers to run for governor.

Hayes, a former Democrat-turned-independent who was nominated to her current post by Republicans, says she wants to bring civility back to politics in Maine. She hopes to run as a publicly financed candidate under the Clean Election Act, but acknowledges lawmakers are considering a proposal to eliminate funding for gubernatorial candidates.

“I am in this race all the way to the end, regardless. If Clean Elections funding is not available for gubernatorial candidates, I will run as a traditionally funded candidate,” she says.

Hayes says running as an independent means that she must start now to organize her campaign for 2018. She says she will continue to serve as state treasurer, joking that it won’t be the first time she has had two full-time jobs.

“I have never yet, in my career, underperformed in my current position in order to earn the next one. And I don’t intend to do that this time around. I intend to meet my obligations and then some — I will continue to perform my role as treasurer,” she says.