Supporters of $50M Bond 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Vote Tally

Jun 14, 2017

The results of a $50 million statewide bond issue that would fund investment in infrastructure, and research and development in Maine have not yet been officially reported.

But Mike Saxl, the spokesman for the bond proposal, says that he's "cautiously optimisitic" that the proposal passed.

"I think Maine has always been smart about investing in research and development and commercialization," Saxl says. "We've had a lot of good success in the past, and people get that these are the jobs of the future for Maine."

The bond was the only statewide issue on yesterday's ballot, and voter turnout at the polls was low. Municipal clerks have three days to report unofficial tallies to the Secretary of State.

The bond had strong support in cities around the state; and Mainers typically approve bond proposals.

The proposal would provide the Maine Technology Institute with $45 million to strengthen efforts in aquaculture, forestry and marine technology. The remaining $5 million would go to qualifying small businesses.