Today's World Needs Involved Learning

Jan 7, 2017

In this quick-paced world, we are constantly surrounded by excitement. People can have news and information on what their friends are doing at the tip of their fingers. But that fast pace doesn't always extend to school. Students today get bored very quickly when they are expected to sit in classes where some teachers show very little enthusiasm.

Teachers should be adapting to make a more intriguing learning environment that moves at a faster pace. On a typical school day, almost all classes are spent listening to 40 minute lectures. In classes such as science, it is easier to engage students in labs. In an English class, teachers can get students thinking by analyzing story plots or finding symbolism in a story. In many courses, real world examples can be used to get students more interested.

As a student, I have always found it difficult to stay engaged in topics if teachers do not make the work stimulating. Not only should they keep the lesson constantly moving, but they should relate what we are talking about to the real world. Doing so would help students better retain the information by connecting it to something meaningful. 

For example, students will be more apt to be involved when we are engaged in topics that involve our future and help us find ways we can use solutions to solve problems. Listening to a lecture for a long time that does not relate to our lives makes students space out and pay less attention. Instead of inputting our ideas and opinions, we are thinking about something completely unrelated.

I think it is time for educators in America to make their teaching more hands-on for the learner. Teachers should allow for open discussion and seek students' thoughts on topics. In this digital age, we are constantly being updated by fresh news. Just like you wouldn’t want to be receiving stale news, we should not be receiving a stale education. We need to make learning more engaging by using technology and lesson plans that get us moving, and learning for today’s society. For instance, in English, teachers could have students work in peer groups to ensure that everyone gets to discuss their opinion of the selected reading.

The real world is being moved by technology and students should be immersed and taught to use it. This along with varied lesson plans will make classes more engaging than just listening to lectures.

Caty DuDevoir is a freshman at Cheverus High School.