Value of Maine Lobster Catch Sets Another Record

Mar 3, 2017

ROCKPORT, Maine -  The value of the Maine lobster fishery continues to grow, and landings continue to climb.

"Maine certainly is experiencing kind of a sweet spot in terms of its lobster fishery," says Jeff Nichols, of the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

Nichols says Maine lobsters in 2016 were worth more than $533 million dollars - some $30 million more than the year before. It's the seventh year in a row that the catch value has increased. Nichols says not only are lobsters plentiful, but they're desirable for a number of reasons.

"You know, the sustainable harvesting practices associated with this fishery - that's something consumers around the world are increasingly coming to appreciate."

And the popularity of North American lobster in Asia is also pushing demand.

Last year also saw a record haul with more than 130 million pounds landed, topping the previous record of 128 million, set in 2013.