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Maine Calling is an interactive radio program hosted by Maine Public Radio News Director Keith Shortall and Public Affairs Host Jennifer Rooks and produced by Jonathan Smith and Cindy Han.

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Auto News

Jan 17, 2017

Our car experts, just back from the Detroit and Boston auto shows, return to talk all things automotive.  

Guests:  Jamie Page Deaton, auto editor for U.S. News & World Report

John Paul, Master Mechanic and Spokesperson for AAA Northeast

The Lives of Slaves in Early America

Jan 16, 2017

This is a rebroadcast of our earlier show (11/14/16); no calls will be taken.

Two authors join us to talk about the lives of slaves.  Freedom Over Me, by Ashley Bryan, brings to life eleven slaves Bryan first encountered in an 1828 slave document he bought at a local Maine auction over a decade ago.  In the Shadow of Liberty, by Kenneth C. Davis, is the story of five enslaved people who were “owned” by four of our greatest presidents


Mercy Street

Jan 13, 2017

The executive producer of Mercy Street, along with some of the writers and producers of the show, share what to expect during the second season of the big budget PBS drama set during the Civil War.


Lisa Wolfinger, Co-creator and Executive Producer of Mercy Street

Anya Jabour, professor of history at the University of Montana and script review and consultant to the executive producers and screenwriters of Mercy Street

The Latest from the World of Technology

Jan 12, 2017

Our tech experts return to help listeners get the most from the high tech gadgets they received over the holidays. They'll also discuss the highlight from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Jarrod Maxfield, Owner of Necessary Technology

Andrew Rosenstein, Owner of Techport

Janet McKenney, Director of Library Development, Maine State Library

Paying for College

Jan 11, 2017

Saving for college, financial aid, student loans and debt --we'll talk about all of these steps to paying for college. What can you do years before college tuition hits? And how do you find ways to make tuition more manageable? How do scholarships work? What about facing debt after graduation?


Bill Smith, Managing Director at ScholarFits, which offers college planning and financial aid planning

Carri Frechette, Maine College of Art, Director of Financial Aid; president of the Maine Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

Maine Cabin Masters

Jan 10, 2017

Maine Cabin Masters is a new show on the DIY television network. Builder Chase Morrill is teaming up with his brother, sister and best friend to save and transform abandoned cabins buried deep in the remote woods of Maine. From historic cottages nearly a century old, to camp cabins in need of some major TLC, they'll give these properties the facelift they've needed for decades.


Chase Morrill, builder featured on new DIY television series "Maine Cabin Masters"

Omar Saif Ghobash is the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Russia. His father, who was also a diplomat for the UAE, was assassinated when Omar was 6. Ghobash's book is a series of letters to his sons about what it means to be a Muslim in the 21st century.

Guests:  Omar Saif Ghobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia.

Reza Jalali, a Muslim author and scholar born in Iran who lives in Maine and is USM's coordinator of Multicultural affairs.

Deqa Dhalac, community builder with The Opportunity Alliance and member of the Somali Community Center of Maine.

Aquaculture in Maine

Jan 6, 2017

Experts assess the Maine aquaculture outlook for 2017.


Don Perkins, President of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Andrew Lively, with Cooke Aquaculture & Director of Marketing for True North Salmon

Fiona de Koning, Co-owner of Hollander & de Koning Mussels


Jan 5, 2017

How can you approach the new year with mindfulness? Mindful practices are now helping people reduce stress, improve outcomes at work and school, and act more healthfully.


Nancy Hathaway, relationship counselor, psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor

Susan Lebel Young, author and mindfulness teacher who has a degree in counseling

Economic Preview

Jan 4, 2017

Leading Maine economists join us to share their thoughts on the economic outlook for Maine in 2017


Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist

Charlie Colgan, professor emeritus of economics at University of Southern Maine

Yellow Light Breen, President & CEO of the Maine Development Foundation

Legislative Preview

Jan 3, 2017

Maine's legislative leaders join us to discuss the 2017 legislative agenda. 


Maine Senate President Michael Thibodeau

House Speaker Sara Gideon  


Jan 2, 2017

  This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show; no calls will be taken.

Optimism is more than just being cheerful -- it is an attitude that the best possible outcome will occur in any given situation. Researchers look at the role of optimism in our personal health, well being and relationships -- and in how our society functions.

Guests: Michael F. Scheier, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University

Rebecca Kane, Visit Coordinator in the Admissions Office at Thomas College. She is a Waterville native.

Best & Overlooked Books

Dec 30, 2016

This is a rebroadcast of our recent show; no calls will be taken.

The end of the year means it’s time to put together our ‘best and overlooked books’ show. It’s a fan favorite and sure to inspire you to add to your reading list. 

Guests: Joshua Bodwell, Executive Director of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Emily Russo, co-owner of Print: A Bookstore

Frank O. Smith, author of 'Dream Singer' and book reviewer for the Maine Sunday Telegram

Shipbuilding in Maine

Dec 29, 2016

 This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show; no calls will be taken.

A look back at the history of shipbuilding in Maine with the author of a new book about a once prominent shipbuilding Maine family and the curator of the Maine Maritime Museum.


Rural Broadband

Dec 28, 2016

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date 10/26); no calls will be taken.

We look at the challenges of getting broadband into rural Maine. A 2015 report shows that 22-percent of Maine’s population does not have access to high-speed internet.  We'll learn what the options are in getting broadband internet to rural Maine.