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Jennifer Mitchell / Maine Public

If you’ve planned to make the trip to South Korea for the Olympics, you’re likely to experience some exotic new foods — but you might also find Maine blueberries on the menu, since Maine holds a corner on the global market for this very special crop.

Maine Island Ferry Service Fare Hike Would Hit Out-Of-Staters Harder

Feb 12, 2018
FILE Photo showing the ferry Captain E. Frank Thompson making its maiden voyage to Vinalhaven Island as it leaves Rockland, Maine, on Friday, April 20, 2012.
Pat Wellenbach / Associated Press

Maine’s ferry service is poised to increase rates for the first time in nearly a decade, but some islanders worry the new system will create gridlock on the docks and that summer residents will get a raw deal.

Maine Public

The budget deal signed into law last week by President Trump set overall caps on spending. Two members of Maine’s Congressional delegation will be working on filling in the details of the plan over the next six weeks.

Senator Susan Collins and Congresswoman Chellie Pingree sit on the Appropriations Committees of their respective chambers. With the overall spending caps now in place, they will have to determine the spending levels for each program within those overall caps.

Washington County residents and former employees at the Downeast Correctional Facility (DCF) in Machiasport say the early morning closure of the minimum-security prison is a betrayal by the governor that they can't accept.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press/file

Did that dog bed you purchased from LL Bean five years ago get chewed by its occupant? Until today, you could just take it back and get a replacement for no charge. The company has announced that it's changing its famous unconditional return policy that has been a part of the brand since it started more than a century ago. The change comes as a response to the growing number of customers who have been taking advantage of the policy.

Maine Public

Stored Solar LLC, the owner of two biomass energy plants set to receive a slice of a $13.4 million taxpayer-subsidized bailout, is the target of legislation designed to make sure the company’s loggers and contractors are compensated for unpaid bills. The measure also recommends that the Maine Attorney General investigate the company.

Steve Mistler / Maine Public

This week, Maine Democrats and Republicans are unveiling two separate but similar bills to address the universally condemned cultural practice of female genital mutilation.

The Democrats’ bill is backed by several district attorneys and members of the Somali and Sudanese communities. In contrast, the Republicans’ bill has been linked to what the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as the “largest anti-Muslim hate group in the United States,” with a chapter here in Maine.

Maine Corrections Commissioner Joe Fitzpatrick is defending his department’s proposal to close 5 county jails and regionalize oversight — a plan that is drawing fire from county sheriffs and some lawmakers.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press File

Dozens turned out for a State House hearing Tuesday on state utilities’ response to the October windstorm that knocked out power for several days. The verdict from some municipal officials: a big fail.

Harpswell Select Board Chairman Richard Daniel said local emergency management officials were well-prepared for events such as the storm-caused power outages. But they weren’t prepared for CMP’s poor response.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press/file

Watching the effort to create Maine's recreational marijuana market has been a lot like observing a rocket take off from Cape Canaveral — lots of anticipation, waiting, and more than a few scrubbed launches.

With no advance notice to county sheriffs and few details, the Maine Department of Corrections has announced a plan to overhaul the state’s county jail system, close five jails and create a new oversight commission to manage them.

The proposal was contained in a report released on Friday and mandated in the budget approved last July.

Jennifer Mitchell / Maine Public

When the doctor tells you to open up and say, “Ahhh,” pretty much anywhere in the world, there’s a chance that the wooden stick pressing on your tongue was made in Maine. And the wooden stick in that Creamsicle? Probably also from Maine.

The University of Maine is defending the initial award of a $100 million contract to provide renewable energy to its Orono campus after a Portland Press Herald report raised questions about insider influence — but the university is also conducting a new audit of the bidding process.

Last June, a university team chose an affiliate of the Con Edison company as the winning bidder over three other finalists for the multiyear energy contract. That didn’t seal the deal, but meant that Con Ed and the university would enter negotiations over a final contract.

Maine Public

Maine Senator Angus King is voicing skepticism about the contents of a memo House Republicans released Friday which purports to document FBI abuse of its surveillance authority when seeking warrants to spy on a member of President Trump's election campaign.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

This fall, many Maine schools are expected to get more money from the state as part of a budget deal reached last year, and one of the major funding boosts is for public preschool.