Poems from Here with Maine Poet Laureate Stuart Kestenbaum

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Each Friday, Stuart selects a poem by a Maine or regional poet and shares with us how language has the power to move and surprise us. Poems from Here creates a momentary community of speaker and listeners, where vibrant language slows time down and helps us to pay attention to our world.

Poems from Here is presented in collaboration with the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, the Maine Arts Commission, and the Expansion Arts Fund of the Maine Community Foundation. Special thanks to Robert M. Chute and family along with Phil Steele and Francesca Galluccio-Steele for making Poems from Here possible. Additional support is provided by The New Writing Series at the University of Maine.

Twice Before

Jul 21, 2017

Today’s poem is "Twice Before" by Russell Libby. Russell lived a little more than half his life on Three Sisters Farm in Mount Vernon, Maine.


Jul 13, 2017

Today’s poem is "Equations" by Lee Sharkey from her book Walking Backwards, which recently appeared from Tupelo Press. Her earlier books are Calendars of Fire, A Darker, Sweeter String, and eight other poetry collections. She leads a creative writing workshop for adults recovering from mental illness and serves as Senior Editor of the Beloit Poetry Journal.

Chimney Farm

Jul 6, 2017

Today’s poem is "Chimney Farm", by Gary Lawless. Gary grew up in Belfast and owns Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick. He’s the author of 17 books of poems, most recently Caribou Planet.

Earthworm Poem

Jun 30, 2017

Today’s poem is "Earthworm Poem" by Dennis Camire. He teaches college writing at Central Maine Community College and just published his first book, Combed by Crows. He's also on the board of Maine Poetry Central which curates the Portland Poet Laureate Program and the poetry series, In Verse: Maine Places and People, which appears each Sunday in The Sun Journal.

Whether Or Not

Jun 23, 2017

Today’s poem is, "Whether or Not" by Kathleen Ellis. She has published four collections of poetry, and a new chapbook, Outer-Body Travel is forthcoming this fall. Poems from her manuscript, Dear Darwin, were set to music and released as a Parma Recordings CD, nominated for a 2015 Grammy Award. She teaches literature and poetry writing at the University of Maine in Orono.

Unknown Algonquin Females, Circa 1800's

Jun 16, 2017

Carol Willette Bachofner is the author of four books of poems, the most recent - her collection, the Boyfriend Project, poems of love (maybe) was published in 2017 and her poems have been included in many anthologies, among these Dawnland Voices, an anthology of writings from Indigenous New England.

Thinking Potatoes

Jun 9, 2017

Today’s poem, “Thinking Potatoes” is by Leonore Hildebrandt. She’s the author of The Work at Hand and The Next Unknown. A native of Germany, Leonore lives “off the grid” in Harrington, Maine. She teaches writing at the University of Maine and serves on the editorial board of the Beloit Poetry Journal.

A Hill In The Country

Jun 1, 2017

Today’s poem is “A Hill the Country” by Henry Braun, who lived off the grid in Temple, Maine in an old farmhouse he and his wife Joan bought in 1962. He was a teacher of writing and literature at Temple University and the author of two books of poems The Vergil Woods and Loyalty.

Love Poem For The Proles

Jun 1, 2017

Adrian Blevins is an associate professor of English at Colby College. She is the author of four books of poems. Her fifth book, Appalachians Run Amok,, which will be published next spring.

Conscientious Objector

May 22, 2017

Today’s poem is Conscientious Objector by Edna St. Vincent Millay, who was born in Rockland, Maine in 1892.  She was one of the most popular writers of her time and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1923.  She wrote this poem in 1934.

Chick Magnets

May 12, 2017

Today’s poem is Chick Magnets by Thomas Moore. He has published three books of poems: The Bolt-Cutters (2010), Chet Sawing (2012), and Saving Nails (2016) and is Belfast’s Poet Laureate.

Her Color

May 5, 2017

Today’s poem is Her Color by Sheila Gray Jordan. Sheila lives year round on Chebeague Island and is the author of three collections of poems, Winter Wall, The China in the Sea and, most recently, Blue Ceiling. She directed the Ohio Poetry Circuit at Kenyon College in Ohio.

A Quiet Life

Apr 28, 2017

Today’s poem is A Quiet Life by Baron Wormser. Baron  grew up in Baltimore and in 1970 he moved to Maine with his wife Janet. For twenty-five years he worked as a librarian for SAD 59 in Madison, Maine and homesteaded off-the-grid on 48 acres. He’s published ten books of poetry, the most recent is Unidentified Sighing Objects. He now lives in Montpelier, Vermont.

His Holiness

Apr 21, 2017

Today’s poem is His Holiness by William Carpenter. Bill was the first faculty member at College of the Atlantic where he still teaches literature and writing. He’s the author of three books of poems and two novels, the most recent is Wooden Nickel (Little Brown).

What He Thought

Apr 14, 2017

Today’s poem is What He Thought by Heather McHugh. Heather lived for a time in Eastport and now lives on the northwest coast. She’s the author of 8 books of poems and the recipient of a McArthur “Genius” grant. She’s also a noted translator of poetry. She recently collaborated with Adam Larsen on a documentary film called Undersung—an hour-long close-up portrayal of four caregivers and their families.