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Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Summer school — it’s a long been a dreaded rite of passage for students who are falling behind. Movies have been made about it, and some districts now refuse to even call it “summer school” because of the stigma.

But now, some schools are finding that some of the traditional ways they’ve approached programs in the past aren’t working, particularly at younger levels. That’s forced some districts to make changes.

CHERRYFIELD, Maine - Maine State Police are using DNA testing as part of their efforts to identify a female homicide victim whose body was found on a road in Cherryfield.
An autopsy has been completed as of Thursday, but the cause of death has not been released. WABI-TV reports police have received several calls regarding the woman's death. The body was found Wednesday.
Detectives are seeking additional information from people who drove by a crash site that they say is connected to the victim.

International Affairs

Jul 21, 2017

A panel of diplomats and scholars joins us to discuss the Trump Doctrine and the latest events from around the world.


Larry Pope, former U.S. Ambassador to Chad and U.S. Charge d'Affaires to Libya

Barbara Elias Klenner, Bowdoin College, Assistant Professor of Government

DOVER, N.H. - New Hampshire authorities are investigating a possible opioid overdose by a 6-year-old boy in Manchester.
Police say they were called to an apartment early Tuesday for an unresponsive child. Police say it's unclear how the boy became incapacitated. They say he was revived after Narcan was administered by first responders and remains hospitalized.
The incident happened the same day Gov. Chris Sununu and the state's new "drug czar'' visited a Dover bakery to discuss the state's opioid crisis.

CHERRYFIELD, Maine - Maine State Police say they're treating the death of a woman found alongside a highway as a homicide.
State police declined to identify the victim whose body was found Wednesday morning. An autopsy will be performed on Thursday.
Police say a car connected to the woman was found crashed 15 miles away from where her body was spotted by a passing driver on Route 193.
Department of Safety spokesman Steve McCausland said the medical examiner's assistance is needed to confirm the woman's identity.

Diane Rehm

Jul 20, 2017

The former NPR talk show host catches us up on her podcast, her new book, and what she thinks of the state of politics and journalism.


Diane Rehm was host of the award-winning "Diane Rehm Show" for more than 30 years.

Courtesy City of Portland

The city of Portland is taking inventory of trees and green space in the city and surrounding area.

The project started Tuesday. It's part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to get a sense of how "green" the nation's urban areas are.

Jeff Tarling is Portland's city arborist. He says forest inventories have been going on in more rural areas for decades, but urban data is important as well.

OLD TOWN, Maine - Officials say a rupture in a pressurized pipe caused a sulfuric acid vapor leak at a former paper mill in Old Town, Maine.
Old Town officials say the incident happened Monday night at a University of Maine-affiliated laboratory. WABI-TV reports that an industrial cleaning company was at the facility Tuesday and staff will return to work Wednesday.
No one was injured in the incident.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine - Construction has started on what is expected to be Maine's largest municipally owned solar array.
The Portland Press Herald reports that installation began at South Portland's capped landfill Tuesday. ReVision Energy, a Portland based energy company, is leading the project.
The one-megawatt solar array will be composed of 2,944 solar panels. Officials expect the array to generate 1.2 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year.

The Maine Camp Tradition

Jul 19, 2017

All jokes aside, it's truly a Maine thing to go "upta camp." How did the tradition start? And what does it look like today? We'll learn the history and the future of the Maine camp tradition.

Guests: Bernard Fishman, director, Maine State Museum

Tom Landry, real estate agent based in Portland

WATCH: Maine Lobstermen Recall Freeing Seal Pup From Rope

Jul 18, 2017
Keith Shortall / Maine Public

MATINICUS, Maine — Two Maine lobstermen who rescued a seal pup off Matinicus Rock say they’re glad the video puts a positive face on the fishing industry.

Capt. Jeremy Willey and Jeffrey Dorr Jr. were lobstering Monday when they saw a baby seal entangled and floating in rope. They pulled the pup aboard and Willey began to carefully cut the rope in an effort to free the seal’s head, while Dorr captured the moment on his smartphone.

Irwin Gratz / Maine Public

The University of Maine System's effort to establish a new graduate program took a big step forward Tuesday. The Harold Alfond Foundation has awarded the Maine Center for Graduate and Professional Studies a $7.5 million challenge grant.

That money will help the center expand its course offerings.  The idea is to create graduate degree programs that cross the lines between law, business and public policy courses.

Alfond Foundation Chairman Gregory Powell said the effort represented the kind of teamwork Harold Alfond he learned through sports.

Robbie Feinberg / Maine Public

Maine schools have long said they need more money. One reason, educators say, is that they are taking on responsibilities they’ve never had before: providing extra food, medical services and even washers and dryers to clean students’ clothes. Schools in rural Maine need the most help, but often lack the tax base to pay for it.

Alfond Foundation Offers $7.5 Million Boost for Maine Graduate Center

Jul 18, 2017
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News

The Harold Alfond Foundation has offered another $7.5 million toward the University of Maine System’s push to merge its graduate business programs and law school.

It would be the largest private gift to a project involving multiple campuses in the system’s history.

MATINICUS, Maine - The internet is celebrating two Maine lobstermen who rescued a seal pup trapped in a fishing net.
WCSH-TV reports that Jeremy Willey and Jeffrey Door were lobstering near Matinicus Rock Monday when they saw a baby seal floating in rope. Door pulled the trapped pup aboard to see what they could do.