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AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's towns and state legislators will tackle the subject of marijuana legalization in separate events.
The Legislature's Marijuana Implementation Committee is taking public comment on Tuesday in Augusta on subjects such as how to regulate and tax the substance. Also Tuesday, the Maine Municipal Association is holding an event called "Lifting the Haze: Marijuana and Legal Considerations.''

Month in Review: News Analysis

7 hours ago

From the Governor’s State of the State address and his request to President Trump to reverse President Obama’s executive order creating the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, to the votes cast by Maine’s U.S. Senators on the President’s cabinet nominees, we’ll discuss the major headlines from February  – including the shocker at the Oscars and a win for the ages from the New England Patriots, several of whom now say they will not go to the White House event.

Guests:  Kathleen Fleury, Editor-in-Chief, Down East Magazine

Patty Wight / Maine Public

In the aftermath of the presidential election, Muslims have received an increase in two kinds of attention: support and derision. In an effort to reach out to groups from both viewpoints, the Maine Muslim Community Center in Portland hosted an open house on Sunday so people could learn about their faith.

As a second-grade teacher new to Portland, Emily Troll wants to connect with the families of the Somali students she works with. She says that has been increasingly important recently, because of the changes she’s noticed in her classroom.

University of Maine at Presque Isle

While more high school students in Maine are going on to college these days, they’re taking their time to graduate.

EUSTIS, Maine - Authorities say a Massachusetts man has become the seventh person to die in a snowmobile crash in Maine this year.
The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says 60-year-old Dennis Picard of South Chatham was killed while snowmobiling on a trail in Eustis on Sunday. The department says he lost control while navigating around a sharp corner and crashed into a tree.
Picard was pronounced dead at the scene. A medical examiner will conduct an autopsy; the death remains under investigation by the Maine Warden Service.

ORONO, Maine - Researchers are testing a technique they say could determine the age of lobsters.
Lobsters can live to be more than 100 years old. Their ages are typically estimated based on size, as they shed their shells and grow larger as they get older.
University of Maine research professor Rick Wahle and graduate student Carl Huntsberger say that method of estimating a lobster's age is inexact. That presents a problem for scientists and fishery managers looking to measure the health of the lobster population.

Maine's Infrastructure

Feb 27, 2017

A recent report card from the Maine chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers found that the overall condition of Maine’s infrastructure has not improved in the past four years – and in some cases, is getting worse.  This includes roads and bridges, schools, airports, water systems and public transportation.  We’ll look at the most critical areas and prospects for improving Maine’s infrastructure.

Bridge Year Makes College One Step Closer

Feb 26, 2017

Before I started in the Bridge Year Program, I was the shy girl who sat in the back of the class praying that the teacher would not call on her. Now I jump at any chance to talk. I find myself excited to get in debates with my classmates, when before, the thought of speaking out loud was equivalent to jumping off a cliff. I have broken out of my shell and have begun the path that is life.

The Bridge Year Program is a two-year experience that offers 30 college credits to students who take a series of rigorous college-level courses and complete two years at a career and technical education (CTE) center. It’s an opportunity that equals out to the first year of college, providing a jump start on life.

This program is first introduced to students in the middle of their sophomore year. Those who are accepted begin their college classes at the start of their junior year with their cohort. During the course of their two years, students are enrolled in a CTE center, which allows them the chance to explore potential careers. Through the CTE program, students are offered job shadows, scholarships, and college touring trips. Last year my cohort took a trip across Maine to visit colleges like the University of Maine at Presque Isle, Machias, Fort Kent, and Eastern Maine Community College.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Ice fishing for smelts is a winter tradition in Maine, where the small fish are fried and eaten whole.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ The federal government says the thorny skate will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Foreclosure Rates in Decline

Feb 26, 2017

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Foreclosure filings launched by state-chartered banks are continuing to drop below recession-era levels.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine fishing regulators are temporarily closing several scallop fishing areas beginning this weekend to prevent the valuable shellfish from over-harvest.
WCSH-TV reports the state Department of Marine Resources closures take effect on Sunday for the Damariscotta River in Lincoln County, North Haven and mid-Penobscot Bay.
The closures will also take place in the Lower Blue Hill Bay and Jericho Bay area, and the Chandler Bay and Head Harbor area.

Oscar Preview

Feb 24, 2017

Our panel previews the movies likely to make a splash at the Academy Awards – and predicts which winners will make the most politically-charged acceptance speech.

Guests:  Mary Pols, feature writer at Portland Press Herald.  She’s a not-entirely-reformed movie/book critic and author of ‘Accidently on Purpose.’ 

Clare Kramer, award-winning actress, producer and founder of entertainment site

PORTLAND, Maine — A ceremony honoring Portland’s police chief has been interrupted by protesters angered by the fatal shooting of a man by police last weekend.

The Portland Press Herald reports that about a dozen protesters stood up, raised their hands and began shouting Wednesday night as the City Council honored Chief Michael Sauschuck for being named Police Chief of the Year for 2017 by the Maine Association of Police.

Mayor Ethan Strimling adjourned the meeting until the protesters left. They chanted "black lives matter" outside City Hall.

PORTLAND, Maine - Portland and South Portland are partnering to build the state's two largest municipal solar farms on closed landfills.
The Portland Press Herald reports the cities approved the plans on Wednesday night.
Portland officials signed a contract with renewable energy company ReVision Energy. South Portland officials authorized separate power-purchase and licensing deals with the company.