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AUGUSTA, Maine - City Council members in Maine's capital city say they will accept the donation of a 164-acre estate that provides a forest backdrop to the Maine State House.
The Augusta City Council unanimously voted to accept the Howard Hill property donation on Thursday night. The city is receiving the land from the Kennebec Land Trust.

MANCHESTER, Maine - Officials say air quality testing is underway at a Manchester school after parents questioned how the district and administrators dealt with mold in the basement and three classrooms.
The Kennebec Journal reports that air tests began Thursday in several classrooms, two hallways and the gymnasium at Manchester Elementary School.
Officials say the results will be given to parents once the school receives them.

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Only about 60 percent of Maine public school students are considered “proficient” in science. Elementary and middle schoolers devote less than two hours a week to the subject, and barely half of middle schools have lab stations or supplies. But a new effort from some Maine schools seeks to help students by actually eliminating standalone science and social studies classrooms.

The basic school schedule hasn’t changed much from 10 or 20 years ago. Students still go from, say, math class in one period to English class in another. Then to science, social studies and on and on.

CARIBOU, Maine - Maine troopers say they're advising drivers in the northern part of the state to exercise caution in the wake of a spate of collisions between vehicles and deer.
The troopers say they've responded to "a significant number'' of crashes in Aroostook County over the past couple weeks. They say the majority have involved only property damage.

E.J. Dionne

Jan 19, 2017

Washington Post columnist, NPR regular, and Brookings Institute scholar E.J. Dionne shares his take on the Obama legacy, the incoming administration and what's next for the two major political parties. 

HARPSWELL, Maine - The Coast Guard says it's replacing obsolete foghorns by installing radio-activated sound signals at seven lighthouses along Maine's coastline.
Lt. David Bourbeau tells the Portland Press Herald the sound signals will be installed in May at Halfway Rock, Matinicus Rock and Mount Desert Rock. They'll also be installed on Great Duck Island, Petit Manan Island, Libby Island and at the Little River Lighthouse.

CARIBOU, Maine - Maine's annual summit of the spud will bring potato producers, crop specialists and farmers to the northern edge of the state for a two-day conference.
The 32nd Annual Maine Potato Conference and Trade Show is scheduled to take place Wednesday and Thursday at the Caribou Inn & Convention Center in Caribou.
Maine was the ninth-largest potato producing state in 2015. U.S. potato production is dominated by Idaho and Washington, with other major producers including Wisconsin and North Dakota.

There are organizations all across Maine that accept and distribute donated goods, from furniture to business clothing.  We'll learn where to donate specific items, where these items end up, and who they help.

Guests: Jenn McAdoo, Executive Director, Furniture Friends

Troy Pattison, downsizing expert, SimplySized Home

Trendy Stanchfield, Senior Director, Mission Investment & Communication, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England

Nature will lay down a new blanket of white across southern Maine tonight. James Brown of the National Weather Service in Gray says as much as 6-8 inches of snow will fall on southern Maine from an offshore storm.

“About the time it gets even with the New Hampshire and Maine coasts, it’s actually going to take a right turn and head out to sea. So, even though, you know, it’s going to have a pretty good swath of snow with it, if it had come a little bit more into the Gulf of Maine it probably would have been significantly more,” he says.

T1 R9 WELS, Maine - Maine authorities say a Rhode Island man died in a snowmobile crash in northern Maine.
The state Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife says 53-year-old Edmond Imondi of Foster was riding with friends on a groomed trail west of Millinocket Lake when the crash occurred over the holiday weekend.
The department says Imondi failed to negotiate a right hand curve in the trail. Tracks in the snow indicate the snowmobile then went into a group of trees. Imondi was pronounced dead at the scene.

What Matters Now? Just Listen.

Jan 17, 2017

My vox pop, a collection of students' voices, is a window to the inner thoughts of how high schoolers feel about themselves. It shows how the life of a high schooler revolves mostly around who they associate themselves with and their extracurricular activities. This is the time in our lives that has the biggest impression on us, and it is the time we are trying to learn who we are as people.

This audio project was built from my interest in learning how people see themselves. Originally it was self-image piece but as I progressed forward I realized it was becoming a more of a “Who Am I?” project. I guess both approaches fit for the project, but when hearing my peers explain to me how they reflect on themselves, I realized that the way they see themselves is who they are, and what makes them themselves.

Hearing different aspects from different people allow others to understand what high schoolers notice, what they pay attention to, what’s important to them and what they’re focused on. It becomes clear as people reflect on themselves, that most high schoolers are motivated by doing something interactive.

ROCKLAND, Maine — A Maine woman says she’s receiving phone calls from people trying to reach the company of L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean after reports of Bean’s donations to Donald Trump’s candidacy.

The Portland Press Herald reports Fontana Jackson said Monday her cellphone number is the same one as Bean’s Perfect Maine company, except for the last two digits. She had never received a call for the company until last Tuesday. Perfect Maine isn’t connected to the retail giant.

Maine Families And Artists Celebrate King's Legacy

Jan 17, 2017
Caroline Losneck

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine families gathered Monday around the state to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Auto News

Jan 17, 2017

Our car experts, just back from the Detroit and Boston auto shows, return to talk all things automotive.  

Guests:  Jamie Page Deaton, auto editor for U.S. News & World Report

John Paul, Master Mechanic and Spokesperson for AAA Northeast

Susan Sharon / Maine Public

More than 250 people turned out for a rally to support immigrants and refugees in Lewiston on Saturday.