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Tech Talk: Latest Technology News & Advice

15 hours ago

Our favorite tech experts return after a long hiatus to share the latest news from the world of high-tech gadgets. They’ll also answer listener questions about smartphones, tablets, home networking and smart speakers.

The Soul of America: The Latest Book by Author Jon Meacham

Jul 17, 2018
Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Best-selling author Jon Meacham joins us to explain that, despite our current tumultuous times, the country has been through periods of turmoil before, and how, by looking to examples in the nation’s past, we can better understand our current political climate.

Our Towns: A New Book by Deborah & James Fallows

Jul 16, 2018

Jim and Deb Fallows spent 5 years travelling in the small propeller plane to small towns across America, including Eastport, Maine.  In their new book, they share stories of civic and economic reinvention taking place in parts of the country we often don’t hear much about.

We discuss summer driving, autonomous driving, and other news from the world of cars, trucks, hybrids and SUVs.

John Paul, AAA Northeast Car Doctor, joins us. He has more than 30 years of experience in the automobile industry and is an ASE-Certified Master Technician.

A Bangor Daily News reporter spent the past few months researching the work of sober houses in Maine. These are residential homes aimed at helping people in recovery from an addiction stay sober. We’ll learn how sober houses aim to provide a safe environment, who their clients tend to be, feedback from communities in which they appear, and what regulations, if any, they are subject to.

We’ll learn about Registered Maine Guides – the history of this program, what it takes to become a guide, and what it’s like to lead people on guided trips, whether it’s hunting, fishing or simply exploring Maine’s many wild places.

We know a great deal about famous people, great historical architecture and important past events, but we are also surrounded by common, everyday places that represent history. But these ordinary things are in danger of becoming forgotten. Learn about common clues to the past that are all around us, how to read them and what we find in our own backyards.  

Exercise and Mental Health: How Do They Correlate?

Jul 9, 2018

For years scientists and researchers have been extolling the benefits of exercise to our physical well being. Now they are discovering the positive impacts physical activity has on mental health.  We’ll discuss ways to get more exercise into your life and how it can help you feel better—both physically and psychologically.

Summer Reads: Book Recommendations For The Season

Jul 6, 2018

This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date June 1st); no calls will be taken.  

One of our most popular programs — what to read this summer! Our all-star cast will share the books they’ve read recently and are looking forward to reading. This summer also sees PBS' "Great American Read," an eight-part series that explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels, as chosen in a national survey.


What does it take to raise backyard chickens? We’ll learn about the steps and equipment involved, health and safety issues, and what benefits and challenges arise from having chickens. Fresh eggs anyone?

Maine offers a wide variety of biking opportunities: From wilderness trails to island rides to easy family paths. We'll learn about where to go, rules of the road, safety considerations, equipment and more.

Fire Safety: Preventing Summer Fire Hazards

Jul 2, 2018

With Fourth of July two days away, we check in with the Maine State Fire Marshal and a Forest Ranger Specialist to learn how to stay fire-safe this summer. We’ll discuss how high the fire danger is this summer, and how to handle fireworks safely. We’ll also get an update on the best smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other home safety devices and measures.

Month in Review: Maine News Headlines from the Month of June

Jun 29, 2018
Maine Public


Our panel of editorial page editors returns to discuss what made Maine headlines in June. What was – and wasn’t – accomplished at the special session? What’s the reaction to ranked choice voting and the primary elections? 

Maine is home to a community of successful cartoonists, whose work has appeared in publications from The New Yorker to Mad Magazine. How do cartoonists combine art, humor and social commentary - and what do Maine cartoonists contribute to the state's identity? A new book by local cartoonists showcases the talent and humor of these artists. We'll learn what it takes to succeed as a cartoonist professionally.

Summer’s here so it’s time to break out the camping gear and head to the great outdoors. We’ll discuss the importance of camping to the Maine economy, off-the-beaten path places to check out, and safety tips for sleeping out under the stars.