Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

BRUNSWICK, Maine - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is giving a grant of nearly $100,000 to a Maine group that advocates for marine conservation and the livelihoods of small fishermen.
The grant is going to the Maine Coast Fishermen's Association, which is based in Brunswick. The group says the money will help with its mission of restoring fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and preserving Maine fishing communities for the future.

WASHINGTON - Maine's groundfishing industry will be paying close attention next week when the U.S. House of Representatives considers key changes to the law governing fisheries management in federal waters.

Supporters of a Republican-backed bill to re-authorize the Magnuson-Stevens Act say it would give regulators more flexibility in rebuilding fish stocks. But one groundfishing group says the measure would set back efforts to rebuild the severely depleted cod population in the Gulf of Maine.