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The Maine Department of Transportation is continuing its efforts to replace Maine's rural network of iconic, green, framework bridges – many of which are well beyond their planned 75 year lifespans.

Maine DOT commissioner David Bernhardt says rural bridges in Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties are overdue for replacement. For example, the Pleasant River Bridge in Milo is more than 80-years-old. Such bridges are what's known as "fracture critical" structures.

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Another week, another nor'easter, making the commute on slick snow-covered roads slower than molasses running uphill. And, if anyone happened to driving uphill in Bangor, they were actually traveling on top of molasses — or more accurately, molasses-treated road salt. The sticky liquid is used help salt adhere to the highway's surface.

A shipyard from East Boothbay has been chosen to build a 250-passenger vessel for the Maine State Ferry Service.

The Maine Department of Transportation is awarding the $8.8 million contract to Washburn & Doughty. The Maine State Ferry Service serves the island communities of Vinalhaven, North Haven, Islesboro, Swans island, Frenchboro and Matinicus.

State transportation officials are close to finishing multi-million dollar emergency repairs to an Augusta overpass, but are still at a loss about who caused the damage.

Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesman Ted Talbot says, by Thursday evening, all the ramps for the Augusta Exit 109 interchange on Western Avenue should be restored to their original configuration.

Last October a DOT maintenance worker discovered that a vehicle had struck an exterior bridge beam, causing significant damage.

The Maine Department of Transportation says it is moving as quickly as it can to replace a bridge over I-95 at Augusta that was damaged sometime in October. 

"You have damage to the south exterior beam, and you have damage to the north exterior beam," says MDOT spokesman Ted Talbot.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A proposal by the Maine Department of Transportation to generate more money for roads and bridges is receiving a mixed reaction by lawmakers and municipalities.

The bill imposes annual fees on hybrid and electric vehicles, while also diverting excise taxes on tractor trailers from cities and towns to the state highway fund.

The proposal would also compel municipalities to spend motor vehicle excise tax collections only on local transportation projects.

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AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Department of Transportation has opened a new $14 million facility in Augusta that houses a number of DOT activities, as well as the statewide mobile radio operations for all state agencies.

DOT Commissioner David Bernhardt says the new facility will save money.

"We will be saving around $1.4 million per year," Bernhardt said. "That's a tremendous amount of money. I got to tell you - that would pay for the January blizzard that we just had."