Maine Green Party

Mal Leary / Maine Public

Green Party candidate Betsy Marsano today kicked off her campaign to win the party's nomination in Maine's 2018 governor's race.

The Waldo resident told reporters at a State House news conference Tuesday that Maine needs new leadership. Marsano has a long history of working on behalf of Green Party issues, particularly those aimed at improving the environment.

“We are a large state and a very small community," she said, "and it is that community that I will most approach and try to work with as I go forward in this campaign.”

AUGUSTA, Maine - A high school band from rural Maine set to help kick off Republican President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural festivities is at the center of a clash between leaders of the state's Green Independent Party.
Two leading Green Independent Party members are vowing to defect to the Socialist Party USA in part because the secretary of the Maine Green Independent Party member also directs Madawaska's middle school and high school marching band.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The national conventions gave the two major party presidential candidates - Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton - a bounce in the polls. Now, national polls are showing that other parties are getting an uptick in support from those upset with the major party choices.

Maine Libertarian Party Chair Chris Lyons says inquiries are up, and so are voter registrations. "Mainers tend to be a little more open-minded and independent-thinking.  And part of this is the dislike of the two major party candidates."

This weekend, members of the Maine Greens will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their party, which now includes more than 30,000 members.  It was started by a small group of people who were disenfranchised with the Democratic Party, in part, because of the difficulty they faced trying to get presidential candidate Jesse Jackson on the Maine ballot in 1984. The Greens embraced what were considered fringe values at the time.  And while many of their positions have since gone mainstream, the party is still working to gain broader acceptance.  Susan Sharon has more.